How long can you store mushroom-spawn?

You can store mushroom-spawn for several months in a cold store at +0 till +2 degrees Celcius.

How can I start a commercial mushroom-farm?

To avoid wrong investments do start to buy and read the book “The cultivation of Mushrooms” of Dr. L. van Griensven and join a 14 days short course at the C-point at Horst in The Netherlands.

On what substrate can I grow Oyster mushrooms?

Pleurotus Oyster mushrooms you can grow on pasteurised wet straw.

What is the weight of a box of mushroom-spawn?

One box contains 3 bags of 10 ltr. of spawn each so in total 30 ltr. and the weight is 19 kg.

Can you transport mushroom-spawn over a long distance?

Yes, by plane as air-cargo from Amsterdam to any destination reached by direct flights and in bigger quantities by refrigerated sea containers.

How much white mushrooms can I harvest from a box of spawn?

Under normal conditions you can harvest in 4 flushes about 800 kg of mushrooms per box of Hollander mushroom spawn and under ideal conditions more than 1000 kg.