Provinzial Verband Congress 2015

Last weekend the Provinzial Verband mushroom growers had the annual congress at Schmöning Pilze im Haltern am See. This is a small family company that grows mainly shiitake mushrooms and King oyster mushrooms. About 150kgs per week each. After the visit of the company all major spawn companies presented their latest news. Hollander Spawn and Italspawn presented the renewal of the production process of the FB29 that causes the strain to be much more stable and continues high producing. Also the good results of the performance of the F599 on the German “one layer” system mushroom farms  is promising. Because of the high ceilings , it is quite difficult to create a good microclimate in the casing soil. With other strains this causes high yield in the first flush and low yield in the second. The F599 is less susceptible for this phenomenon and produces more even over the both flushes.

The last months Italspawn has built a new test facility which has now reached a state of the art status since the recent implementation of a proper computer controlled air conditioning unit, new shelves and new cooling units which will allow us to test our strains in a more similar environment to a real phase 3 compost mushroom farm.