Italspawn’s world of Exotics

From the beginning of its activity in the production of mycelium for mushrooms and in particular the best known and cultivated variety in the western world, the Agaricus bisporus, Italspawn has always taken into account and experimented with the production of “other” strains known as “Exotics”.
Through the years we have collected and exchanged, around the world, the most varied strains to test and select them in the best way, thus becoming the company that has always had the largest number of cultivable varieties of the species Pleurotus ostreatus and the number one in the world in production and sale of the “pioppino” (Cyclocybe aegerita). Thanks also to the construction of new structures to be used for the strengthening of the technical department dedicated to this activity, Italspawn has always been up to date with the evolution of the exotic industry in Europe and in the world in order to fully satisfy its customers most varied needs.