Mushroomdays 2016

From the 1-3th of June the 34th edition of the Mushroomdays will be held in the “Brabanthallen” in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Over 80 exhibitors will be present to give you a warm welcome. This 34th edition is combined with the 19th ISMS conference in Amsterdam to form a week, totally focused on all possible aspects of mushrooms. The gathering of over 3000 scientists, producers, marketers, suppliers and others involved or interested in mushrooms makes it a massive event for the global mushroom industry. The theme for the upcoming week on mushrooms in The Netherlands is therefore:

New knowledge and new contacts, creates new business”.

The combination of the ISMS conference and the Mushroomdays gives both events a boost in number of visitors and is therefore ideal for company presentation. Make sure you get the maximum exposure out of this unique occasion and be visually present in Amsterdam as well as in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Mr. Johan Janssen of Hollander Spawn will keep an lecture at the ISMS on tuesday 31th of may at 11.00 o clock.

Please visit us at the Mushroomdays together with Italspawn in stand number 33

Testing new way of packaging

At the moment Italspawn and Hollander Spawn are testing a new way of stacking the spawn. In this way we try to cut down the waste of the cardboard boxes. A good side-effect of this is, the spawning goes more easy on the Health and Safety of the workers in terms of less handling at the spawning machine. With the help of the “freezer spacers” and the right way of stacking the bags on to the pallet there is a constant airflow at the filters to get rid of the CO2 that the spawn produces. The only disadvantage might be that the bags might be more vulnerable for damaging and contamination but this is carefully being monitored during the test.

67th annual meeting of BDC in Potsdam

From 8 to 10 October, the 67th annual general meeting of the “Bund Deutscher Champignon- und Kulturpilzanbauer” was held in Potsdam. On Friday several lectures were held such as Dr. Renate Spraul was giving a lecture about labour processes. After that Michael Legrand from Grünes Medienhaus reported about the number of visits to the website Dr. Lelley was also speaking about the Hochschule Niederrhein university which has launched a centre for expertise for applied mycology. And in the end Mr. Jack Lemmen of GTL Europe held a lecture about saving money in terms of energy in building smart. On Saturday morning we visited Havelland Champignon located in Tietzow.  The compost plant build in 2013 has a capacity of making 3.000 tons of phase I compost. Every week 120 tons of mushrooms are harvested here. About 25 till 30 % of all mushrooms is the brown variety of Hollander Spawn FB29.

HLP visits the Netherlands

This Summer the HLP (Hessische Landesfachgruppe für Pilzanbau) visited a large number of companies in Holland in connection with Exotic mushrooms. The whole supplychain came in view. From constructers as Christiaens and GTL to substrate producers as Verbruggen Paddestoelen, CNC Exotics and Substraatbedrijf Horst till growers as AK mushrooms and Paddestoelenrijk. The last one mentioned “Paddestoelenrijk” owned by Geert-Peter and Jolanda de Rijk grow a total of eight different strains including Shiitake, Nameco, Eryngii, white and brown Beech mushrooms, pom pom blanc, agaricus blazei and recently Italspawns Pioppino (Agrocybe aegerita) wich is shown in the picture.  To read the complete story check Mushroom business Edition 71 page 34